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Dark Fantasies. Dark Antiheroes. Dark Romance.

Kyra was almost 20 when she read her first romance. From Norsemen to Regency and Romcom to Dubcon, tales of love and adventure filled a void in her she didn’t know existed.

She’s always been a writer, but its only recently that she’s started to tell stories in the genres she loves most – which at the moment are very ‘why choose’!!

Join us in the Portal to the Dark Realm, Kyra’s private Facebook group, because she is literally ALWAYS online unless she’s asleep – much to her husband’s annoyance!

Follow her on Instagram, Goodreads, Twitter or Facebook for all the up-to-date info on release dates, exclusive content and other general awesomeness from the Dark Brothers’ world – where the road to happily ever after might be rough, but its well worth the journey!!