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In the Den of the Wolves Part 5

Could she really do this?

Her heart was beating like a jackhammer in her chest. Another button came undone. And then another. Evans eased the shirt off her shoulders as all three of them watched.

            Rose covered her chest with her arm, suddenly afraid. Not of them, but of the intensity of the whole situation. All of them. It was too much. She wasn’t used to sensations like this, and it made her feel dizzy and light-headed. They’d seen her before, but it was different now. She knew where this was going without a shadow of a doubt. She wanted it, she wanted them, but she was panicking.

            Evans tutted, looking amused. ‘Don’t hide,’ he said. ‘You’re stronger than that.’

Rose barely held back her scoff. ‘Yeah, right.’ But she let him push her arm down.

            His eyes flitted over what he’d uncovered, and he let out a breath as his fingers found her nipple. He pinched it and she let out a loud gasp at the pain … and the unexpected pleasure that made the muscles between her legs clench. Holy shit! One touch and she was melting like the snow on the floor. How was she going to survive Evans let alone Pike and Riker?

            Evans glanced back at the others who were both looking at her with a mix of hunger and some kind of predatorial aggression that made her want to run but also freeze in place and let them do whatever they wanted.

            When he turned back to her, the corners of his mouth were upturned in the wisp of a dark smile. ‘I thought you’d like that,’ he murmured.

            He put a knee on the bed, leaning down to her, taking her lips in a hard kiss as he pushed her back. She went down easily, feeling the cool covers at her back. He kneeled over her, his hands kneading her breast and he groaned.

            ‘You’re going to be the death of me,’ he whispered in her ear.

            She tensed for a second as she felt another hand running slowly up her leg from her ankle to her inner thigh. Her eyes opened and she saw that Pike had joined Evans.

            His fingers travelled up her slit, making her jump involuntarily, and he let out a growl that sounded approving. A finger entered her, and she let out a small cry at the same time as he let out another growl. ‘God, you’re so wet, sweetheart.’

            Her cheeks colored.

            Evans, still playing with her breasts, licked one of her nipples, making her turn her attention back to him. ‘Relax. It’s a good thing. If you’re going to take all of us … which you are … we want you to be prepared.’

            ‘That’s for sure. She’s so tight, she needs to be as ready as we can make her,’ Pike muttered.

            Rose swallowed hard, glancing towards Pike just in time to see him put the finger that he’d just had in her, into his mouth and suck it like a fucking lollypop. His eyes rolled up into his head as he closed his eyes with a groan and her eyes widened.

            ‘Fuck, you taste like apple pie.’

            And, because she was broken, an image of that scene from American Pie when Jim fucks the pie on the kitchen counter appeared in her head and she barked a laugh. Mortified, she clamped a hand over her mouth. Oops. Had she just ruined the mood?

But the both of them just gave her indulgent looks.

Her eyes found Riker’s. He was still standing at the back, just watching. He hadn’t touched her yet. She wondered if maybe he was just going along with the other two because he had to. She frowned at him.

‘Don’t worry, princess,’ came his gravelly voice. ‘I like to watch and I’m going to watch you cum all over my best friends’ cocks before I fuck you.’

Rose’s breath hitched at the same time as her mind was filled with images that were very much in keeping with the mood, making her body shudder. Would they just hurry up and fuck her already?

As if guessing her thoughts, he smirked. ‘Guess we need to keep that head of yours in the game, so your mind doesn’t wander, huh?’

She gave a small nod and Riker took a step closer.

‘Who do you want first?’ he said like he was asking her if she’d prefer a latte or a cappuccino. ‘Evans wants your pussy. He’s been thinking about it every time he looks at you, I’m pretty sure. But Pike is more of an ass-man. How about them both together, princess?’ He let out a low groan as her hips undulated without her say-so at his words, his hands clamping into fists at his sides as if battling the urge to grab her. ‘I’ll fuck your mouth at the same time. You could have all of us together, stretching your holes, making you scream our names. Would you like that?’

OMG! Rose threw her head back, her body already close just from Riker’s talk and the other two had hardly touched her.

She felt a finger at her entrance again. This time it was Evans though and, once he’d moved it in and out a couple of times, he put in a second one and she moaned as it stretched her.

‘You are tight, aren’t you, Rose?’ Evans said, glancing at Riker pointedly. ‘Maybe we just start out slow this time.’

At his words, Rose felt a pang of disappointment – even though she’d been afraid only moments ago of them all doing this too fast. She should be glad, but all she could think of was that she wouldn’t have the full … experience with them. As she opened her mouth to protest, Pike swooped down and silenced her with his lips.

‘Don’t worry, sweetheart, this won’t be the only time we all play with you together. You’re ours now, remember?’

Although she, still a modern woman, wanted to baulk at being called theirs, there was another part of her that felt all warm and fuzzy, like she belonged. And, she guessed, if she was theirs then they were hers. She liked that.

Pike’s tongue slipped into her mouth and she began to kiss him back. God, he was a good kisser. Even she with her very limited knowledge could tell that much. She muffled a moan as Evans did something with his fingers that felt amazing.

Someone bent her legs at the knees and pushed them wide and she caught sight of Riker holding her open for Evans who pulled out his fingers. She heard him unzip his pants.

‘Are you ok?’ he asked.

Pike’s mouth moved to her neck, kissing down her throat and then licking along her collar bone and she forced herself to answer aloud when she realized they’d stopped, waiting for her to answer.

‘Yes,’ she said, sounding breathy, and whimpered as Evans eased into her slowly. He felt so big, stretching her.

Rose could hardly breath it felt so, so good.

Pike had moved to her breasts, sucking and biting them gently, making her whimper, begging incoherently for more. She caught Riker’s eye. He missed nothing while he sat on the bed beside her, pushing her thighs wider still and her back bowed as her body began to tighten.

Evans’ smoldering gaze darkened and he practically growled as he pushed the rest of the way into her, making her cry out at the fullness, bordering on pain. Then he pulled out almost all the way, pushing back in in one swift motion that made her scream. He gripped her hips and set a quicker pace, pistoning in and out as Riker stared at her. Something about him watching sent her over the edge and she came hard, screaming Evans’ name as the pressure that had been building was suddenly released and her body shook with the force of it.

Evans joined her a second later, and she felt him surge deep inside her, gritting his teeth and letting out a deep, throaty moan.

He stayed inside her for a minute, locking eyes with her and leaning forward to take her lips with his.

He kissed her deeply as her body shuddered in the aftershocks of orgasm, her eyes hooded as she stared at him, panting.

‘How was that, babe?’ he murmured as he pulled back, his still-hard dick easing out of her.

‘Nice,’ she breathed, hardly able to speak. He had literally fucked the words out of her.

Then he moved aside.

Pike was behind him.

‘Ready for more?’ he asked with a wink.

Rose almost shook her head. She was too sensitive, she-

She screamed as he thrust inside her. Fast. No preamble. His dick of a similar size to Evans’. His thumb rubbed at her clit and she shied away from his touch and he frowned, though he didn’t break his rhythm. Instead, he nodded at Evans, who leant down, pulled her pussy lips apart, and began to lick her, not touching the over-sensitized center, easing her body back towards the pleasure as Pike pumped into her.

Soon, she was rising towards it again, Pike’s cock pounding into her harder than Evans had. It hurt a little, but she loved the feel of it, of him fucking her hard and fast. She came again with a cry, her legs shaking and her hips bucking, Riker still holding her for the others to pleasure.

Pike’s movements turned erratic and he came with a bellow that reverberated through the cabin, thrusting hard once more and spilling himself in her, his fingers gripping her thighs so hard she knew she’d have bruises later.

But she didn’t care.

Rose had never felt so good, so wanted, in all her life.

She was boneless and sated, but as she caught Riker’s gaze, her heart fluttered in trepidation. There was still him to go. This was far from over.

‘You’re looking very satisfied, princess.’

She nodded, her eyes closing slowly as she curled up on to her side, hoping Riker would wait until later. She definitely needed a nap after all that.

‘Oh, not. Not time to sleep yet,’ Riker taunted.

Her eyes snapped open as she felt him slap her ass and she looked over at him in annoyance.

‘Hey!’ she started, but he tutted and dragged her towards him, flipping her onto her stomach and pulling her ass up.

One of them thrust a pillow beneath her so her hips were raised.

She looked back and saw Riker there. He pushed her legs wide and pulled her ass cheeks apart.

‘Hold them,’ he ordered and she realized he was talking to her, challenge in his tone.

Fuck. Trust Riker to pull her so far out of her comfort zone, she was in another zip code. But she’d do it if only to prove to him that she wasn’t as virginal as she seemed – even though she basically was.

Bravado, bravado, bravado.

Face hot, she let her torso fall to the bed and reached behind, keeping her cheeks open. He froze behind her just for a second and she knew that she’d surprised him.

Then she felt his thick fingers delve into her and whimpered at how easily they slipped in and out.

            Riker let out a deep sound. ‘Evans and Pike have flooded your pussy, princess. There’s so much cum leaking out of you, I’ll bet anything you’ve been bred by one of them tonight.’

            Rose gasped into the covers, letting out a sound of distress. She hadn’t even thought of that! Shit! That was Sex Ed 101! What if she got pregnant? She was so stupid! She had to get it out!

            She struggled to get up and shrieked when Riker’s slapped her pussy, the sound muffled by the covers.

            ‘Relax, Princess, you aren’t going to be fertile for another few days,’ he murmured as he leaned over her and kissed her shoulder blade. ‘But when you are, we are going to fuck you so deep in here,’ he pushed three fingers into her, making her moan, ‘so often that you will most definitely be bred by one of us.’

            He let out a groan. ‘Fuck, you’ll look so hot with that belly all big and round and those titties of yours even bigger.’ She heard his lips smack. ‘I can’t fucking wait to suck on them,’ he muttered, his fingers still squelching in and out of her. ‘How would you feel about me drinking from you?’

            Damn. Everything he said was so fucking deliciously dirty.

            Then she felt another digit circle her asshole and tensed.

            ‘Shhhh,’ he whispered, ‘I’m not going to fuck you here now. I’m just going to make you feel good.’

            His wet finger pushed into her ass gently and she whimpered.

            ‘Please,’ she begged, ‘I’ve never -’

            ‘I know, princess,’ he cooed. ‘I promise I’m just going to play with one, tiny finger. I’m not going to hurt you.’

            ‘Nothing about you is tiny,’ she retorted and was rewarded by his dark chuckle that made her insides melt.

            He eased it out and back in again and she couldn’t help the moan that bubbled up. It felt so different, so foreign, but something about it was-’ She moaned loudly and heard him chuckle again, his fingers leaving her.

            She looked back, wanting him to keep going, and saw that he was kneeling behind her. She let out a throaty groan as he pushed himself into her, her hands fisting the bed covers as he eased his thumb into her ass too, using it to anchor her as he fucked her, his other hand grabbing her by the hair and pulling her up, making her arch her back.

            She let out a cry each time he plunged into her, his pace almost leisurely, and she heard someone whisper, ‘fuck,’. She opened her eyes to see both Evans and Pike standing in front of her by the wall, watching her and Riker, looking like they both wanted to fuck her again. God, she almost wanted them to.

            ‘Play with your clit,’ Riker ordered, and she didn’t hesitate, her fingers delving between her inner lips and circling her engorged bud.

            She locked eyes with Evans and Pike and her whole body clenched as she screamed again, vaguely feeling a rush of liquid as she shook, giving herself over to the most intense pleasure she’d ever experienced. It was too much, making her shudder and shake, making her want it to end, but, at the same time, wanting it to go on forever.

            Riker came at the same time, pushing into her so deep that she thought she saw stars. He collapsed on top of her, biting her shoulder gently with a groan.

            ‘You are so fucking hot,’ he murmured, kissing where he’d bitten her before rolling onto his back, panting beside her.

            Rose stayed where she was, pressing her head into the bed, feeling drowsy. Her eyes closed and she felt one of them lift her, gathering her up in strong arms. She sighed, snuggling closer.

            ‘You’ve made quite a mess of Pike’s bed, princess,’ she heard Riker chuckle.

            ‘Sorry,’ she whispered.

            ‘Don’t worry about it,’ Pike said from across the room, sounding amused.

            She yawned, laying her head on Evans’ bare chest as he carried her, laying her down on his own bed.

            ‘Are you ok?’ he asked quietly, laying down behind her and pulling her close.

            She relaxed into him, let him hold her.

‘Yeah,’ she breathed and she was.

‘I know you probably feel sore, but I can’t clean you up just yet,’ he said quietly. ‘Not until after they come back later today. There can’t be any question that you’re ours.’ He pulled her closer, cuddling her. ‘But after they’re gone, I’ll take you in the shower myself and wash every inch of your body, ok?

‘Mmmmm,’ she said, thinking about how that would feel as she drifted to sleep, surrounded by the smell of him that somehow permeated through the pine scent.

Rose woke up to a banging on the door and sat up with a cry, wide awake in an instant. She was alone in the bed and she looked around frantically for the guys, relaxing as soon as she saw them all sitting at the table playing cards – of course. They were all dressed back in their manly special forces-ish tactical gear that made them look hot af and Rose also realized that they hadn’t got dressed up earlier because they had somewhere to go. It was a power play for Stone and his pack.

            ‘Stay there,’ Evans said as he got up to get the door.

            ‘But I’m naked,’ she hissed, heartbeat ratcheting up.

            Riker was suddenly beside her and she jumped. ‘You’re not gonna like this, but trust us,’ he said ominously and she frowned at him.

            ‘Not gonna like what?’

            But he didn’t have time to answer as Evans opened the door and four men trudged in bringing with them a gust of freezing wind that made Rose shiver.

            Her stomach turned as she recognized the swagger of the one in the front even before she saw his face. He looked the same, older than the others but muscular and fit, his dark hair and beard streaked with grey.

            Rose was frozen in place, trying not to panic, but failing. Hank Stone’s eyes didn’t even flick to her. He ignored her completely. She swallowed hard, but then felt Riker’s hand on her shoulder, squeezing gently. Somehow, that simply thing made her feel better. Stronger. She wasn’t weak and alone now.

            ‘I came for what’s mine.’

            Evans gestured towards Rose nonchalantly, making her flinch. ‘Maybe you can’t tell over your little tricks, Stone, but she’s ours. You’re too late.’

            Stone’s hard eyes found her and she resisted the urge to look away.

            ‘I knew you were a little whore when I fucked you.’

            Rose didn’t reply, but anger rose in her. Unfortunately, it was the kind of fury that makes a girl cry, not the one that looks bad ass. Tears gathered in her eyes. Fuck. She didn’t want him to think she was crying because she was afraid or because of what he’d done.

            Pike strode forward. ‘Watch what you say about our mate,’ he snarled, ‘or, neutral ground or no, we’ll kill you right here and now, motherfucker.’

            Stone laughed, actually laughed. ‘Why the Council sent you three, I’ll never know. With your track records, you shouldn’t be anywhere near a pack, let alone it’s potential alphas. Alphas!’ he shook his head and rolled his eyes. ‘More than one to a pack? Fucking progressive nonsense.’

            A low growl came from Riker and, when Rose looked up, his eyes were a lot more … wolfy.

            ‘Relax, Riker,’ Evans said, looking almost amused. ‘We aren’t on trial here, Stone. You are. Tomorrow, you’ll understand exactly why the Council sent us. Just before I snap your neck in front of your whole fucking pack.’

            Stone’s lips curled up into a snarl. ‘You’re going to fucking lose and when you do,’ he leaned forward, ‘I’m going to take your mate for myself.’

            Rose shook, fear creeping in. What if Evans lost?

‘She’ll never be yours,’ Riker said, and, to her horror, he pulled her up from the bed, tearing the blanket from her naked body in front of Stone and his men. But before she could even react, Riker kissed her deeply, his hands roaming over her. For a moment she forgot they were all there as he touched her, ignited a fire inside her.

When he finally ended the kiss, her legs were wound around his waist she saw with shock. His arms were around her, gripping her to him possessively and her eyes widened as she looked into his.

He let her down on shaky legs and she heard Stone’s derisive laugh, turning her head even as she cringed to find him staring at her body.

‘Her father promised her to me.’

Rose gasped. ‘That’s a lie,’ she cried.

‘No, girl, didn’t he ever tell you? You were always meant to be mine. He was supposed to send you to me, but the bastard never did. Why do you think I came to see him?’ Stone laughed. ‘He begged me not to take you that day. Because we were old friends, I said I’d wait ‘til he was gone.’

Rose shook her head, feeling Riker’s hands hiding her from Stone’s eyes as much as he could. Too little, too late. ‘This isn’t true. He would never have done that. He loved me. He wouldn’t have wanted me to be with someone like you.’

Stone snorted. ‘Why the fuck do you think you’re here? You’re mine, you little whore. And I swear to all the gods that once I’ve killed Evans and his pathetic little pack, you’re going to regret spreading your legs for them like a bitch in heat.’

‘Get the fuck out,’ Pike roared, he and Evans advancing, forcing Stone and his men backwards.

Stone leered at her one more time, then he turned his back and walked slowly out the door, his slow pace goading. ‘See you tomorrow, pups,’ he called and Evans closed the door behind him with a hard bang.

Rose sank to the bed, a thousand things running through her mind.

Why had Riker just paraded her in front of Stone like a prize pony? Was all of this just to make him mad? Was that why they’d …

She turned away from him, huddling down in the bed as fresh tears, this time of sadness, began to fall. Had her dad really left her to Stone like she was a car or a power tool? When I die, I bequeath to you my baseball card collection and, oh, how about my little girl too? Would he really have done that?

She heard the guys moving around. Was everything they’d told her bullshit?

‘Why would her dad have…’she heard Riker start, but his words hushed suddenly.

Evans loomed over her and she shrank back, looking at him with hurt in her eyes that she couldn’t quite stifle.

            ‘Fuck, I’m sorry about all this, sweetheart,’ he said quietly. Then he picked her up, blanket and all, taking her into the bathroom.

            ‘What are you-’ she started, but she hushed her as he turned on the water.

            ‘Let me make you feel good,’ he said, caressing her cheek and easing the blanket away. He led her into the stall and she let him because even though Stone had stolen some of their trust, she really did want to feel better.

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