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Kyra Alessy | Author Posts

This year is going to be better!

Happy New Year! I’ve ended 2020 like most of you and I’m not looing back. Ever. I’ve got my resolutions: blah blah lose weight, lay off the coffee, lay off the sugar, exercise more, be a better person, blah blah blah.

BUT the one I’m actually crazy excited about is: Finish the Dark Brothers Series in 2021!I’ve already booked my four cover slots in over the year with Deranged Doctor Designs (who, as you know, are freaking amazing and highly sought-after). So this year I won’t be waiting for any covers to be done at the last minute!

Book 2, Bought to Break, is already written and about to enter Beta-reading stage. BUT Back to Book 1 for a sec: The launch of Sold to Serve has gone better than I imagined for my debut book. And I want to thank all of you again because I couldn’t have done this without your support. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

If you have read it, I’ve started a spoiler thread on the private FB Group, Portal to the Dark Realm, to discuss Sold to Serve and I’d love to hear your thoughts on everything ‘Sold to Serve’. Kyra xx

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